Our Secret Sauce

Mala Red Oil

Bringing life to anything that it touches


Hot & Spicy

Red Oil Noodle

Our hand pulled noodle, paired with our secret sauce & Red Oil, it’s a match made in heaven

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A Must Try

Yam & Pumpkin Dumplings

The sweet & Savoury taste.. muak 🤌🏻 it’s just the best.

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Easy & Convenient

The only perfect and easy meal you ever need 🍽️.

Do you always rush in the morning? Now with DunDun Dumpling, you will fill your stomach before heading out!!

About Us

DunDun is started in the mist of the pandemic, in a small kitchen space.

Our solely purpose is to share the good food to the world and bring happiness, love & friendship together through our dumplings


Want a Dumpling Partner?

Great News!! We are also doing B2B to Restaurant, Shops, etc. Interested? Come and drop us a message.